Dufan Ancol Dreamland Part 7 of 8
Dunia Fantasi Part 4 of 5

We still went on despite the excruciatingly hot weather. Our next stop was Indonesia section in Dunia Fantasi. The Tornado ride that looks like a giant transformer figure instantly caught our attention.

on our way
dunia fantasi

The Tornado Ride

dunia fantasi

Hb wanted to try but he didn't want to ride alone. And I wasn't temerarious enough to step out of my comfort zone. Yeah, I know I'm a scaredy cat. So, we just contented ourselves watching these insanely enthusiastic riders.


dunia fantasi

dunia fantasi
I looked for a comfortable place and sat underneath a tree on a cement bench while hb sat on the ground near the ride vehicle. I had a good belly laugh just watching the riders' faces changing from smiles to nervous, to laughter and screaming wildly, and to sheer terror while they were hanging upside down combined with the spinning and tilting motion. Amusing!

Here's the Tornado Ride VIDEO. Enjoy!

Here's a closer look (via ramandeybless)

In my opinion, this is the best and popular amazing nerve-wracking ride at Dunia Fantasi in Ancol Dreamland. I'm pretty sure thrill seekers will never be bored. However, expect long queues.

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