Ancol Dreamland Part 4 of 8
Dunia Fantasi Part 1 of 5

Several minutes later, we finally arrived at Dunia Fantasi or also known as Fantasy World. Admission ticket is sold outside the amusement park for Rp 90,000 per person (weekdays) and that includes unlimited use of all rides and attractions.

Near the entrance was a live band playing a variety of lively music for the crowds that instantly re-energized us.

It caught me by surprise when someone gently bumped into me from behind. I quickly turned around as I took a few steps back, and saw a hairy big creature. I just smiled as I turned my back to him. And before I could tell hb what happened, next thing I knew this orangey creature grabbed him too. He was like telling me, "Yuhoo, okay take us a picture, I am ready! And here's the culprit hairy creature...

BOOOH! Surprise, Surprise
dunia fantasi

What a naughty mascot!

It was already past 1:00 in the afternoon, and we were absolutely starving. We found a restaurant called Super Bento, a halal Japanese restaurant. I super love bento boxes but it wasn't exactly the bento I am expecting. Anyway, the food was just average.

What I like most was the ambiance of the place. We had a pleasure to sit on the dining patio next to the pond where we could also people-watch and just delighting in the natural cool surrounding.

After we had our late lunch, we were back for a leisurely walk.

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  1. Definitely a naughty mascot. What a funny experience you had there. :)

  2. hi1 friend..thanks for the visit...about this post..this one of the finest place i like to visit...
    have a nice day


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