Traveling has become a way to de-stress and enables us to broaden our perspective. But planning is a daunting task; sometimes we need ideas in order to get the most out of any vacation activity. Here are just some of our wonderful travel experiences that you might also like to try or visit someday.
  • SOHOTON CAVE: Basay, Samar, Philippines

The Sohoton Cave is a cathedral-like dome with an entrance of a parabolic arch-type for about 50 meters high. see more photos>>>

  • MALINTA TUNNEL NIGHT TOUR: Corregidor, Island (Bataan, Philippines)
Malinta Tunnel Night Tour is a special tour which is not included during the regular day tour. This will be availed only by guests who stays overnight in Corregidor. see more photos>>>

  • BASILICA MINOR DEL SANTO NINO: Cebu City, Philippines

Basilica Minor del Santo Nino is a 16th century structure in the heart of downtown Cebu City. see more photos >>>

  • CUCHI TUNNELS: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The tunnels are an excellent way for the Vietcong to move around the countryside undetected by the Americans. The Tunnel entrances are so small that American soldiers could not even get inside. see more photos>>>

  • SAFARI WORLD: Minburi, Thailand
Thailand's great variety of entertainment for everyone. see more photos>>>

  • SENTOSA LUGE: Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa Luge is very unique in its kind, which brings you the ultimate fun and pure excitement. see more phtos>>>

  • MODERN TOILET: Taipei, Taiwan

To some it may seem outrageous and bizarre but the dishes are well prepared, flavorful and seasoned perfectly. see more photos>>>

  • Genting Highland: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Genting Highland is one of the most popular mountain resorts of Southeast Asia. It features casino, theme parks, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Sky way cable cars offers a unique ride. see more photos>>>

  • Great Wall of China: Badaling section, China

Great Wall of China is one of the most appealing attractions all around the world for its architectural grandeur and historical significance. But aside from the Great Wall, there are also other areas of interest such as dressing up like a princess. see more photos>>>

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  1. The cuchi tunnels are definitely not for me !

  2. Very Nice & Interesting blog. Keep it up!!!!

  3. Exciting travel escapades!

  4. totally agree on the travelling part!!
    but anyway i enjoy planning :) or i like planning? well... asking around... do the research of the place... then plan and decide where to go.... i enjoy the process before travelling, the real travelling and after that....recap every little sweet memory happened ....wow...nice!!

  5. Hi Asian Traveller! Sorry for the absence, but I’ve been busy with my parents’ health; almost 180 years to care... ;)
    Wonderful collection; a great deal of hints for future trips!!

    Blogtrotter is paying homage to Vilnius as European Capital of Culture 2009. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

  6. o man i'd love to have a poke round those places... one place ive never been yet really REALLY would like to go is SE Asia... I've been India yet never got as far as Thailand/Burma/Cambodia/Vietnam where I'd really like to have ended up

    fascinating blog you got here!

  7. I tried the Cuchi tunnels and it felt too claustrophobic for me. I'm just glad I fit through the holes!

  8. Hi June, very nice compilations and I particulary like the cuchi tunnels @ vietnam. Pretty scarry though especially the bobby trap. The toilet theme restaurant at Taiwan is also pretty cool and I don't think I'll have the courage to eat there while facing the toilet bowl and sh!t look alike dish :D


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