March 6, 2009

After all the fatigue and tension from our train experience, hb and I arrived safe and sound at Sofitel Shanghai Hyland Hotel. We relaxed a bit, freshened up before heading out to have a quick dinner. We walked a few blocks from the hotel and we found this fast food chain named KUNG FU. No doubt, this is the largest domestic fast food enterprise as they have over 270 locations around China. We could attest to that as we had seen some of their branches in other places but we never really tried to dine.

We entered the comfy, spotless modern space and seated right away at a corner side. Good thing, there were only few diners around.

Kung Fu's logo is Bruce Lee in yellow shirt (the greatest icon of martial arts cinema), which is plastered everywhere throughout this fast food restaurant - on the stairs, walls and dinnerware.

Generally fast food restaurants like McDonald's, KFC and Jollibee (based in the Philippines) offers sandwiches, burgers and french fries for meals. But Kung Fu has a different distinctive food concept. Meals normally are selection of Chinese set meals, steamed rice casseroles, steamed soup in casserole, rice noodles, some beverages, desserts and vegetables.

We chose the set meal (around 28 Yuan), which include a rice bowl, one viand, soup, boiled lettuce, and steamed egg custard. Price was very reasonable and service was fast. For me, the food was just okay nothing really fancy, but hb likes it very much. (Well, we all simply have different taste preferences.)

rice bowl with cover
steamed egg custard

If you're looking for cheap healthy Chinese meals in casual atmosphere and fast service, you might want to visit the Kung Fu Restaurant. Just be sure there won't be a strange sound of Bruce Lee's "WOOH WAH-TAHHH!" escaping out from your mouth after eating. hehehe...

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  1. Nice name for a franchise restaurant. The place looks clean and serve some decent food


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