From the Master of Nets Garden, we rode a cycle rickshaw to the Humble Administrator's Garden situated in Dongbei Street, Inner Dongbei Loumen, in the old city area, northeastern part of Suzhou. Ticket cost around 50 Yuan (off-season).

Of all the three attractions that we visited in Suzhou, Humble Administrator's Garden is what I enjoyed most. It has certainly provided a scenic photo opportunity for us. This 15th century garden is big enough to be a park and brimming with all sizes and shapes of predominantly winter colored foliage plants. No wonder, it is the largest private garden in Suzhou covering around 51,950 sq. meters.

Crowd was noticeably big (mostly tour groups led by a guide), but it wasn't congested at all due to the extreme vastness of the garden.

We had a leisurely stroll and we explored along the winding paths of the artfully landscaped wonderland of prairie garden, large ponds, pavilions, terraces, exhibition halls and bridges, as well as well as a treasure house containing arts of architecture, calligraphy, carving and painting.

in the west part of the garden are hundreds of
beautiful bonsais (potted landscaped) of various kind

an area densely overgrown with bamboo plants
along the lake is also embellished with
a uniquely shaped lush green grass

This area is so serene and tranquil that epitomizes a genuine Chinese style classic garden. In fact, it is most highly regarded as one of the four most famous classic gardens in China. Nowadays, it is said that the Humble Administrator's Garden is used for many floral exhibitions every spring and summer.

On the way out, visitors will have plenty of additional shopping opportunities where numerous souvenir shops, boutiques, gift shops and snack stalls lining along the corridor.

Right outside the garden, there were several rickshaws waiting for passengers but we chose to explore nearby where we had the opportunity of an in depth look into Suzhou. I would say this old town cobblestone street is a living architectural museum of ancient structures that flaunts the neighborhood's past. Fortunately we also happened to catch a glimpse some of the museums here.

The main street is just a short distance walk from the garden where you can take a taxi and bus.

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  1. I bet this place is more beautiful in the spring and summer. Notice some big trees had shed their leaves


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