February 14, 2009

We dined out at Lifestyle Café last night (not for Valentine's Day as we really don't celebrate it) but just to have a quick simple light dinner. Surprisingly, I ordered this Cme Caramel Grande (Php 90.00) with heart-shaped foam on top. :)

We also tried the Chicken Fingers (Php 60.00) and Chicken Fettucine (Php 150.00).

Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fettucine

Hb and I also received this cute Valentine's Day gift from our friend who's working at East West Bank. Thanks Nil! :)

I remember we bought this Le Conte box with heart shape chocolates when we were in Shanghai, which I still have it now, very timely for this occasion.

I'd like also to wish my eldest sister today a very Happy Birthday filled with God's blessings. mwah!

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