November 12, 2008

After sauntering the upmarket mall of Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTaipei 101, hb and I were both starving so we looked for a restaurant. We proceeded to the basement 1 of the tower which is the Grand Market. It is a 22,810 square-meter size comprises mainly of food courts, fast-food restaurants and a supermarket. The place has plenty of room to sit down and the food booths offer a pretty wide array of nouveau cuisine in a very casual atmosphere.

They do have a great selection of combo meals. Ordering food here is a bit confusing and a daunting task to some beginners especially if you don't speak their language. We ordered based on the picture menu on display just by pointing it out (prices range from NT 100 to 145).

one of the food stalls at the Grand Market

It came out pretty fast after we ordered it. Our combo meals were served with steamed rice, soup and side dishes. Fortunately, the foods were virtually as superior as they appeared in the pictures. So, we eagerly started to devour even it was still a little hot.

combo meals

In summary, this was the best set meal we've found in Taipei. The food was pretty exceptional at a very reasonable price. I'm pretty sure this place attracts people even with a more discerning taste in food.

Before heading out, we decided to dawdle a bit in the area. Luckily, we spotted this refined and upscale supermarket called "Jason's Market Place". As soon as we stepped inside, the bakeshop caught my attention. You'll see an excellent range from traditional "every day" loaves to more quirky bread like the one in the photo below.

Squid Garlic Bread

When I saw this, I was tempted right away to take a nice shot. But one of the workers, a middle-aged woman spoke to me in Chinese; I presumed she was telling me not to take photos. So, I stopped and responded apologetically. I felt a bit embarrassed at that time since it was my first time to be admonished but I got over it quickly (this is the risk when you're taking photographs).

Jason's Market Place

The market is divided into eight major sections. A number of goods offered here are fresh produce, meat delicatessen, and unconventional salad bar, large collection of wines, health foods, spices / condiments and grocery items. The market concentrates mostly on Western food products but there are also goods from Japan and China.

Jason's Market Place is located in Taipei 101's first basement level.

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  1. The black bread doesn't look very tasty to me.

  2. I find that squid quirky bread a little bit "burnt" haha. I doubt if I'll have a taste of it, it sure doesn't look so good!

  3. sarap sigurong mag-food trip sa taipei....mahal ba pumunta dyan?

  4. i'd definitely love to try the squid garlic bread! and it's very inventive that they colored it black (from the squid ink, perhaps?)!

    Thanks for the food trip tips!

  5. hello... really nice place that you went again... hhhmmm... I saw the black bread.. I don't think I'm going to eat that.. hehehe... 1st time i saw a black bread... :) TC... & God Bless

  6. I wanna try this food this coming weekend. See you guys

  7. i would have definitely done the same thing. just by the looks of that bread, it's unique. i wonder what it tasted like.

  8. Oh, gawd! Your delicious food pictures nearly killed me.

  9. of the nice travel blog..

  10. did you try the squid garlic bread? Just from the appearance i won't dare to try... just curious about the taste.

  11. wow....parang gusto ko na rin pumunta ng taipei...maganda rin ba mag-shopping sa pinuntahan mo?

  12. Hi Asian Traveller! Sorry for the long delay in coming here, but the last two weeks were too hectic!
    Loved the 101 Tower!! Great pictures!
    Wouldn't mind to stroll on that Market... ;)
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is still in Greece! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  13. That black charcoals are actually squid garlic bread???

  14. interesting bread! was it squid ink or something? ;-)

  15. Sista!!

    I was dissapearing for awhile because of work :D

    Aw aw aw..the foods look good! Make me hunggry!

  16. Hi Saling Pusa,
    Not really expensive. You just have to wait for airline promos.

  17. HI TNH,
    Sadly, I never tried it.

    Hi JM Agreda,
    We never really shop there. We spent most of our time just touring around the city.

    Hi Caryn,
    I really don't have an idea if they use squid ink for that bread.

  18. Hmmm..mukhang masarap ang food na inorder niyo and ang dami ng servings? Curious lang wala ba silang english translation don sa food na inorder niyo? Ka amaze pa ang squid garlic bread, sana bumili kayo ng isa tapos try niyo kainin, pero kung hindi ko binasa mapapagkamalan kung manika o stuff ng sa mga mang-oorasyon(pang probinsya ever ba) hehehe...

  19. Hi ailah,
    Yup masarap yung food at malaki ang servings. Lahat ng food nila walang english translation. Di na ako nakabili nung squid garlic dahil natakot ako dun sa ale na nagpahinto sa akin kumuha ng picture. hehe

  20. Hey. Nice pictures! I love market´s in other cultures. Its funny to see how different humans be on this planet. Most asian people have a real cool lifestyle! Thx for this post, very readable! Greets,Flüge

  21. Hey your blog is really cool ..It gives me a visual remembrance while while reading this...

  22. Those are great photos. The kid in the yellow bike, wow, that's interesting! I want to try it.. haha.. =)

  23. Looked like a fun place.


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