Boy, this is the most fetid food I've ever come across. We happened to pass by a small eatery along the street of Shilin Night Market that sells this exotic fare - the Stinky Tofu. Stinky Tofu also known by its Chinese name - Chou Dofu is a marinated and fermented tofu dish. As the name implies, its smell is bursting with a strong and intoxicating foul odor resembling that of rotten garbage or manure.

Shockingly, HB likes it so much. After eating at the restaurant, he even brought to the hotel a take-out order of stewed stinky tofu, cooked with duck blood, mala sauce, fermented tofu and vegetables.

Inside our air-conditioned hotel sanctuary, I wasn't expecting dilemma until HB uncovered the take-home plastic bowl; the offensive smell of stinky tofu was like a bomb flew through the air and surrounded the whole place. And believe me, at that time, you would not want to be in that room!

While HB was having an exquisite gustatory satisfaction, I was on the other side of the room relentlessly complaining since the qualm of nausea was rushing through me as the malodorous thing attacked my olfactory gland. To prevent the horrible smell, I just covered myself completely with a blanket.

However, surprisingly with all the ruckus happened, I tried and managed to eat one piece of stinky tofu. (Yes I did! I now consider myself to be a fairly courageous person.) But then again, the nausea and vomiting feeling gets really overwhelming. I freaking looked like one of the contestants on Amazing Race Asia 3 and Fear Factor. My experience was totally different from HB. For me, the stinky tofu really does taste as bad as it smells. No offense meant to all aficionados.

To neophytes, if you can stand the smell and if you happen to have a taste for heavy flavors with a spicy kick, then definitely you'll love the notoriously famous Stinky Tofu!

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  1. Taiwan definitely prepared the stinky tofu in a way I not used to. Here, my mother consume stinky tofu from a jar bought in supermarket. To date, I have yet to taste the stinky tofu. I salute you for your courage

  2. Hahahah, you are a courageous woman then.. I can actually eat tufo but it depends on how it is prepared.

    BTW, can we please exchange link? Please let me know Okay? Thank you again and hope to see u again in my site.. Have a nice day!

  3. Wow...You're such a wanderlust 'te...

    Ur blog is very interesting. I'm loving it.

    Thanks 4 ur comment by the way.

    I added a link 4 ur blog...


  4. Hello asian traveler!thank you nga pala sa comment mo,doon sa kabuhayang pinoy blog ko.
    anyway,ito nga yong nakita ko na pagkain sa amazing race asia,na sukang-suka ang contestant nila.kaya,pala..mukha nga namang nakakadiri tingnan.

  5. Yess... I remember the participants of Amazing Race 3 had to suck a big bowl of stinky tofu! I couldn't imagine the smell.....

    Did you pass out when you smell it?? Hahaha...

    I bet it would be a hell torture for some people..hahaha!!!

  6. First of all, I have to say I'm happy to find a good Asian blog. I explore my world through your blog. It contain several interesting information and pictures.

  7. @Borneo Falcon and Joops:
    hahaha... Thanks, that was the best that I could do.

    It was really a torture.

    Welcome to my site AC, merce and joey. :)

  8. eeeewwww... that is so gross! Nice info if ever I will go to Taiwan.

  9. I just feel sorry for the cooks who have to stand that smell all day long! I doubt I would be able to face stinky tofu! Very interesting (and funny) post. All the best!

  10. Was it really that stinky? LOL. If it tastes good, I won't think twice about eating it even if it's stinky. LOL.

    Hi! I was just bloghopping and I stopped by to read about your fear factor of a day!

  11. Hi Grace,
    Thank you. By the way, stewed stinky tofu doesn't really look gross. It's the highly offensive smell that really makes me sick.

  12. Hi Tony,
    Thank you. Re the cooks, I think it's not a big deal to them. Most probably, they're already immune of stinky tofu distinct rotten odor. :)

  13. Hi Jowell,
    Who knows? You might love the stinky tofu. :)
    Thanks for dropping by.

  14. i like trying different kinds of food and i'm curious about the smell and taste of that tofu...sana makapunta ako diyan at ng matikman...hehehe...

  15. If it stinks, why do they eat it? ;))

  16. Hi! I remembered when we were in Bangkok and we brought a durian inside the hotel room. Now I can just imagine the smell of stinky tofu too..

  17. U r showing the world abt the great things in Asia which are unkown to this world...i request u to write abt my country India too

  18. Hi idealpinkrose,
    I hope you will. ;)

    Hi GMG,
    For the aficionados, stinky tofu taste deliciously hot.

    Hi Badet,

    Hi Amarnath,
    Thank you for the nice message. I hope I can visit India someday and write about this very interesting place known for its distinct cultures, rich and long history.

  19. Meron ba nyan sa Binondo? Can't wait to try this in Taipei.

  20. Hi Kegler747,
    Nope, you can't find it in Binondo. You have to go to Taipei or Hong Kong for Stinky Tofu.

  21. Yum. I love stinky tofu. The stinkier, the better. If you can get paste the smell, nothing beats the taste of a crisp outer shell with perfectly cooked soft tofu inside. It's one of my favorite dishes. I admit though, when I'm not in the mood and I walk by a particularly strong smelling cart, I can get a little nauseous. I think it depends on when you're in the mood to be a little adventurous.

    Way to go June! Most visitors in Taiwan won't go near the stuff, so I'm extra impressed that you gave it a try. Now, did you make it to Snake Alley to try some snake blood? :-)

  22. Cool! Hahaha....I had some too before but it did NOT look as disgusting the the one you had. Mine was more of the dried type =)

  23. Ah talaga, meron sa HK? I'm not aware of that. Buti nalang sinabi mo :)

  24. Hi Carrie,
    Sad to say, I never had the chance to visit that place. Nevertheless, we also have snake blood here in the Philippines. :)

    Hi Stanleyliew,
    Most probably you had the deep fried in oil stinky tofu. What we had was stewed stinky tofu. :)

    Hi kegler747,
    Yup, there is a Hong Kong style stinky tofu in HK. I just don't know if this is similar of Taipei's stinky tofu.


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