Majority of the visitors who have been to Bangkok, Thailand would know about the Chatuchak Weekend Market. If you're a shopaholic and loves go bargain hunting, you'll surely love this place. Chatuchak or JJ is One of Asia's Largest Outdoor Markets with around 15,000 stalls that cater to hundreds of thousands of visitors. For me, this is the best and mother of all markets. It is segregated into different sections such as clothes, bags, paintings, Thai handicrafts, fashion accessories, plants, food, antiques and pets, just to name a few myriad range of items that are being sold here.

We chose to take a taxi going to Chatuchak Market. Since we were in a group, we decided to divide ourselves into groups of two to make it easier for us to roam around the huge market. Our cell phones were also a handy device and provided big assistance to us.

Most of the stores don't have a fixed price system here, so shoppers can negotiate and bargain almost on anything for the best deal. Known for being a financial savvy and armed with the art of dickering and haggling, my two elder sisters and I took time to peruse each store, while the four boys also had a grand time to do their own shopping spree. After many hours of jostling through crowded narrow walkways while juggling numerous plastic bags, I noticed that my sisters were still quite perky. Indeed, shopping is really a therapeutic for most women. :)

The three of us arrived first at the meeting place. While waiting for them I noticed this guy selling unusual cold drinks. He was like dancing, rotating gracefully while preparing his unique concoction. I really wanted to try it but I was afraid I might end up having a persistent tummy ache. (Yeah, I know I'm a scaredy-cat!)

I wonder what's the name of this drink... (???)

After we finished with our shopping jaunt, we decided to reconnoiter the countless Al fresco eateries, shacks and food stalls for some delightful gastronomic lunch. We sat back and enjoyed the dishes that we had.

To some foreigners, this place may look insanitary but don't be fooled by the dull appearance. With its authentic delicious food and cheap meals, I predict Chatuchak may not only be known a shopping haven but possibly a gastronomic paradise in the near future. ;)

Remember to wear comfortable and light clothes when you visit here. This place become unbearably hot, sticky and crowded during peak hours especially in the afternoon. The market is humongous that you need to enhance your energy and physical stamina. Be prepared and look for posted maps because there's a big possibility that you might get lost. Take plenty of cash as they don't accept credit cards. However, there are also a number of ATM's with foreign exchange booths in the area.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is officially open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 6::00 pm. It is located at Phahonyothin Road, close to the intersection of Phahonyothin and Ladparao. Aside from taxicab, another way to get to this place is the Skytrain. You may alight at Mo Chit Station, which is only five minutes walk away from the market.

I combined my 2002 and 2008 photos

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  1. Love this place!! Good for bargain hunter like me! Hahahaha....

  2. i cant wait for my thai tri in november will definitely shop till i drop in jj. hehe

  3. @Rintjez:
    Yup, it's really a good place for bargain hunting. :)

    Please include me in on your "pasasalubungan" list. hehe..

  4. Hi sis! As I mentioned before, I have never been to Bangkok though many of my friends went there many times! But I might be going this Dec! Yeah! :D Hope the dream will be realised! And your blog will become my reference again, just like what I read here before I went to Ho Chi Minh city! ;)

  5. @Eunice:
    It's my pleasure sis. Really? Wow, enjoy your trip and don't forget my "PRESENTS". hehe..

  6. I remember dto ako nakabili ng Thai traditional mask at dto ko rin natikman ang pinakamasarap na pad thai. Yum yum!

  7. Mmh...I always love the place like that so, I can get anything I want in one place...About me, I think, it's looked OK,hehehe

  8. I really love the complete market like that so, I can get anything I want in one place...

  9. i've never heard about this market before...going to markets is another fun thing to do when travelling...enjoy your trip!

  10. @kegler:
    I've seen that Thai traditional mask.:)

    You'll find almost everything at Chatuchak.:)

    Really? Hmm I wonder why, Chatuchak market is very famous to locals and tourists.

    My last visit to Bangkok was June 2008.:)

  11. Wow that market seems to everything! which is a huge convenience. On a side note, I found a site that I think you might like, its called
    So Check it out and keep the good posts comin' :)

  12. That concoction you referred to can also be found in Malaysia. I'm guessing it's the 'Teh Tarik' we call in Malay which means 'pull tea'. It's just a special way of preparing the milk tea. The leached tea extract is added with condensed milk and instead of stirring to mix, it is pulled several times as shown in your picture. The effect of pulling adds broth to the drink which you would not get with normal stirring.

    Excellent narration of the Chatuchak Market. Love it. Keep it up!


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