Seafood restaurants are very common in the Philippines especially in the provincial areas. Ocho Seafood and Grill is one of Tacloban's most well known restaurants and the set up is quite similar to "Dampa" here in Manila.

Hb and I have been here twice already, most recently in June this year. On our first visit we ventured out for dinner together with some of my family members. On our second visit my elder sister treated us for a gastronomic lunch.



The restaurant has two floors, and the second floor is quieter and can be used for private functions. It has also a small portico good for those who like to dine al fresco.

ground floor second floor

Ocho offer seafood galore like crabs, prawns, squid, oyster, scallop, mussels and clams. They also have chicken, pork and beef. The raw food are weighed by kilogram and they'll cook it the way you want it whether grilled, barbecued, boiled, fried or steamed. Since it is weighed, the downside is that most often you don't have an idea how much the exact bill you're going to pay. Aside from food, they also have a pretty decent wine and beer selections.

On our first visit, we ordered Baghak Grilled (570 grams) Php 256.50, Puttan Sweet Garlic Sauce (580 grams) Php 435.00, Buranday Soup (760 grams) Php 174.80, Pork Bar-B-Que Php15.00/piece, Tonto Grilled (750 grams) Php450.00, Mix Veggie in Oyster Sauce (710 grams) Php 355.00, Platter plain rice Php 90.00/order, Apple Shake Php 50.00 /glass and bottled softdrink Php 15.00. 12% VAT are not yet included.

Baghak Grilled
Puttan Sweet Garlic Sauce
Buranday Soup
Pork Barbeque
Tonto Grilled
Mix Veggie in Oyster Sauce

On our second visit we tried calamares, shrimp, scallop and fresh buko juice.

buko juice

I particularly enjoy the Buranday soup, it was brimming with flavor. I like also the pork barbecue and calamares. The fresh buko was delicious, I made sure the coconut meat was scrapped to the last bit. :) The tonto grilled was tougher than I expected but the rest was okay. On both visits, we were so stuffed that we couldn't finish our food but we were able to bring home leftovers.

The restaurant has a casual relaxed atmosphere. It's a great place to eat out with family and friends. Ocho Seafood and Grill restaurant is located at Senator Enage Street, Brgy. 54, Tacloban City, Philippines.

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  1. oh my... foods! foods! a lot of foods..

  2. seeing those yummy food makes me wanna go home and have a feast!

  3. Hi Asian Traveler! 2008.08.08 is a very special day for Blogtrotter. So, before I start commemorating, let me just tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my blogs! Thanks a lot!
    Have to be cautious with all these foodies around... ;))
    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wow!! pwedeng pa grab ng pix..hehehe

  5. Uy sarap! Nung nasa Tacloban din ako eh puro foodtrip ginawa namen :)

  6. ang dami namang tsibog niyan sis...graveh!

    btw sis, you've been tagged here!

  7. my gosh kagutom nmn yan

  8. did u met the owner? whats her name? hehe

  9. Hi sewil,
    Nope. I don't look for the owner when we dine in the restaurant. We just go there merely as a paying customer. :)

  10. Hi, thank you for sharing your experience at Ocho seafood & grill, I´ll be visiting tacloban soon,your info gave me insights on this place...I Look forward to try the grilled fish you ordered & the mix veggies looks really yummy...hmmm...

  11. wonderful...yummy...nah...thats only in the philippines...nothing beat...

  12. After spending nearly six weeks in the Philippines, I determined that the spicy crab and kangkong dish I had at Ocho in Tacloban was my absolute favorite meal! I would love the recipe now that I'm back home in New Hampshire USA and want to recreate those wonderful flavors!

  13. Ocho is one of my favorite restaurants here in Tacloban! Sarap!

  14. My family were one of the most early patrons of Ocho Seafood back in 2003 when it was just an ëight-table"affair". Since then it has arguably grown to be the most popular "non-fastfood"joint in the city. They key there is the fast and amiable service, large servings that get you best value for your money not to mention its more than reasonable prices, and best of all, their "may nanam" dishes that have made us keep coming back for more.


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