Welcome to my page! My name is June S., owner of AnAsianTraveler.com. I've been actively blogging since August 2006. My Photo blog covers mainly of Asian destinations, hotel-cation, food, a little bit of fashion, shopping and some stuff. 

There are loads of photos on my blog but you won't probably see my face (aside from my partly hidden profile photo here) as I greatly value my privacy. Having a blog is just a sort of my outlet to a few things I'm passionate about. I'm certainly no guru and I never want to be considered one. I'm just attempting to document my experiences and I hope you'll find something here useful.

Feel free to use and share my photos, but PLEASE give proper credit by providing a link back to AnAsianTraveler.com. I really work hard and spend a lot of time editing these photos.

Thanks for visiting! Have a lovely day! :)

"I am not a Chef, I am not even a professional photographer, I suck at reading maps, but I love wandering, I enjoy taking photos, and I like food, so I am the ideal traveler"          - An Asian Traveler 
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About June Sosam

Just an average woman making her mark in the blogging world. She wanted to be an interior designer at one point but ended up a history major. Crowded places actually gives her anxiety but it hasn't stop her from wandering. She's trying to spit up the fear so that she can savor the sweetness of traveling.
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