Our small group headed to Mitra's Ranch, a vast place owned by the family of former Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra.

Ranch House

I had all these high expectations and I was expecting to see a magnificently beautiful place of horses on the ranch and, I was also looking forward to experience a genuine ranch life. Sadly, I have to say, it wasn't what I expected it to be. The place has just a big one-story ranch house surrounded by a wide veranda and it has a picnic area with a view of Honda Bay. Well, there's no doubt the view is stunning but there is nothing really much to do.

Picnic Area
I just hope they'll offer an array of activities for visitors to make this ranch more interesting and fun. We just had a 10-minute viewing and photo op here. Feeling a little let down, we moved on to visit the Baker's Hill.

(NOTE: This review is the subjective opinion of the author and is based on past personal experience.)

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  1. awww.. i was looking forward to see something else too..

  2. nothing else really there to see...take a few pics then go. at least at baker's hill you get to eat :P