After we had lunch at Leslies Restaurant, it was time for us to go to The Boutique Bed and Breakfast. The boutique offer personalized services of a bed and breakfast with only a handful of guestrooms. It is nestled amidst the slope of Tagaytay Ridge right in the middle of the city, just a few minutes from the Rotonda. It is easily accessible whether you drive or opt for public transportation.

The entrance featuring a framed stairway leading to the lobby
the lobby
the view outside the lobby

Each of the seven rooms have been inspired and named by boutique of emotions - I Lust (located at the upper level presidential suite with private terrace and separate bathtub), I Dare, I Desire and I Dream (2nd level with private terrace), I Surrender and I Love (ground level with patio), and I Escape (ground level).

We reserved the "I Dream" room (Php 8,046.26, around US$183.00 including taxes and service charge), three weeks prior to the scheduled arrival. The package is inclusive of the following: an overnight accommodation, pamper me basket, churros and hot chocolate before bedtime, breakfast served in bed for two, 24-hour WIFI Internet connection and 10 minute facial detox for both couple.

The minute we walked in the hotel, we did not receive a proper greeting at the front desk (No verbal greetings. Even just a simple SMILE would suffice but NADA). The "ho-hum" front desk lady just got the reservation bank deposit receipt and after the paperwork was all set and done, another staff led me to a small powder room to get our "Pamper me basket", and I got to select of body essentials from the home made labeled "pamper me" line like soaps, shampoo, lotions and room scent. Toothbrush, bedroom slippers, loofah and laundry/storage bag are also included in the Pamper me basket.

A bellman took our baggage and led us to our room located at the second floor. Refreshing welcome drinks were served in the room. Thoughtful amenities include complimentary fruits and bottled water. There was also a personalized letter on the desk for us from the boutique owners.

welcome drinks

The "I Dream" room is tastefully decorated with modern and contemporary furniture and painted in all white from wall to ceiling. The air-conditioned room is equipped with a king size bed with soft feather covers and lots of pillows, wall-mounted LCD TV, DVD player, ipod-ready speakers/docks and wireless Internet access.

The room also has a private terrace and the distant views encompass the mountains, Taal Lake and volcano.

The modern bathroom has walk-in shower, as well as a vanity area with square washbasin and towels. The most interesting feature of the bathroom is the full-height wall of clear glass that is obviously visible from inside and outside the room.

view from inside view from outside

While showering it permits nice views of the mountains and blue skies. For the conservative ones just like us who wants to mitigate privacy concerns, no need to worry, there's a half curtain to cover if needed. Though I am not sexy, frankly, the clear glass wall made me feel like a sultry sexy siren. hehehee

(NOTE: This review is just my opinion and is based on past personal experience.)

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  1. i love the hotel! i'll try that when we go home...

  2. nice hotel sis...ang sarap mag travel...haaaaayyy....

    thanks for visiting allinkorea

  3. i see.. so this is the interior of that overly expensive accommodation. whew! ang mahaaaaalll..

    we got to pass by this hotel when we go to the Lourdes church. though we heard its reputation as a hotel for can afford people, its simple exterior even if catchy doesnt catch much our interest. we were billeted in the nearby Days Hotel that time. goodness, 8k?!? tsk tsk... cant afford. hehe

    and that exhibitionist shower... haha. the designer of the hotel seems to imply that taal and the guest should reciprocate in sharing the views. haha

  4. i remember the breakfast at antonio's restaurant in tagaytay. when you sit in the bowl, you are given a nice view :)

    uh oh, did you say their reception desk staff back then was ho-hummm?

  5. to mummy sheng:
    I just hope when you visit the boutique hotel, the front desk staff are already customer-service oriented. :)

    to idealpinkrose:
    Yup, it's nice to travel and explore the wonderful places. :)

    to the islander:
    Hahaha.. You made me laugh out loud, very well said! The shower room drove me slightly insane. It would have been nice if the glass wall was transparent on one side only.

    By the way, we don’t belong to the affluent families, we just happened to save a little money for this weekend getaway. hehe..

  6. to jasperjugan:
    Wow, sitting on a throne with nice views? That's marvelous! hehe

    Re the staff - yup, maybe she had a temporary or permanent deadening effect of some routine tasks. (I just hope it's temporary)

  7. Wow awesome views from this boutique hotel! How I wish I have a retreat in this hotel! Just stay there for a few days, laze around n enjoy the scenic view!

  8. oh so nice but oh so expensive too happy babaaan mo nmn ang rate hehe.

  9. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    Wow, this looks like a wonderful place to stay! I´ll recommend it to my clients, or better, I´ll get there on my own first! Really beautiful!

  10. AnonymousJuly 31, 2008

    I love a white-themed hotel room. Makes the place look very clean.

    I was just about 12 years old when last I stayed in a hotel there in Tagaytay. I remember it had the same balcony with a great view of the volcano.



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