Then off we went to the Wangjiao Horological Market to the west of Guangzhou Railway Station. There, we came across a building with a large trading on the ground floor that houses numerous showcases featuring all types and styles of watches. There's a wide array of formal, casual, sporty and trendy watches and it is possible to get all your favorite brands at low prices. But please keep in mind these are designer replicas. It was, however, sold like hot cakes in the market. (sorry no pics)

On the other side of the street is well worth a wander for shopping with all sorts of packing boxes and packing bags from watch box, gift box to jewelry box. With so many assortments of shapes, sizes and designs available right under my nose, I couldn't help but get euphoric! I was planning to buy the 24-watch holder but it was too big and heavy. So, we ended up buying two sets of 12-watch holder case. We also purchased quite a lot of single holder watch boxes.

12-watch holder case made of wood

Within a few blocks you will find also a mix of retail outlets and stores selling sunglasses, casual clothing, outdoor apparel and gear, footwear, bags, home furnishings and a lot more.

This place will surely give enough excitement to keep shopaholics and casual shoppers occupied for at least several hours.

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