We strolled around to view the many delightful sights of Gulangyu Island. We dropped by first at Sunlight Rock Scenic Area. Sunlight Rock also known as Dragon Head Hills or Riguangyan is the highest point with an altitude of 92.7 meters (304 feet), located in the southern part. The garguantan stone thrusting up from the Peak of Riguangyan is looked on as the symbol of Xiamen City.

We had a ten-minute climb to Sunlight Rock on the Longtoushan. Standing on the Peak of Riguangyan, we had a bird's eye view of Xiamen, Gulangyu, Dadan and Xiadan, as well as the panoramic beauty of the sea and mountains and its surroundings.

In this area, there are also gigantic stones, cliffs, and lush green forests with many places of interests.

Among them the most famous are Yipianwa Temple, Lujiang Garden Cave, Ancient Summer Grotto, Longtou Mountain Stronghold, Marine Command Platform and the 10-meter platform.

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  1. China is very peaceful and clean as I can see from your photos. Nice site you have here. :D