After we had our snacks at McDonald's, we then finally jumped into a taxi and made it to Zhongshan Road, the busiest commercial street and the main tourism landmark in Xiamen, China. We took a leisurely walk over the long pedestrianized street with shops on each side. The architecture along the road is a combined style of East and West that features an elegant ambiance and charming atmosphere.

The bustling thoroughfare is aligned with brimming traditional shop houses, boutiques and numerous shopping arcades offering an eclectic mix of retail goods. Browsing here kept us occupied for hours.

I was also excited to see familiar Christmas characters with ornamental facade and glimmering colorful lights that gave a little spark and enlivening mood. We then continued walking along the road, when we happened to pass by a group of talented elderly performers playing lively traditional Chinese music.

Most of us are familiar with Santa Claus common appearance as a jovial STOUT old man with a white beard and a red suit bringing gifts on Christmas season. Fortunately, we spotted a new modern version of Santa who was TALL and so SKINNY. (Hmm, did he also join the “DIET-CRAZE”, which is enormously popular today?) Yep! Yep! No doubt. He really does look somewhat ANOREXIC. hahaha… Forgive me but I’m used to the angelic Chubby Santa who is certainly more irresistibly cute.

Anyhow, Santa was extremely busy entertaining children and adults alike who were so enthralled by him.

While slowly strolling down the street, we'd seen some COSPLAYERS promoting some products. Wow, what a good way to promote and attract customers. This is a very unique marketing strategy for a business to standout to prospective clients. Since I seldom see cosplayers (this is one of the reason why I'm dreaming to visit Japan especially the famous Tokyo's Harajuku district, a favorite venue of many cosplayers featuring in full regalia). I was so enthusiastic to take some photos but my mask of shyness completely enveloped me. Sheesh! So, I insistently begged and struggled to convince my hb to get a quick snapshot of them.

Besides the shopping business you can drop in some of the restaurants like Pizza Hut, McDonald's, KFCs, a strip of cafes and numerous kiosks and stalls that serve snack foods, sandwiches, Chinese delicacies, drinks, ice creams and coffees.

One of the local kiosks/stalls

There are also hotels, banks, bookstores, music stores, and money changers in Zhongshan Road. If you're looking for a centrally located accommodations, close to the shopping district, you can choose any of the following hotels that we spotted.

Lujiang Harbourview Hotel
East Ocean Hotel
Millenium Harbourview Hotel

Lujiang Harbourview Hotel, a four-star hotel overlooking picturesque Gulangyu Island, East Ocean Hotel (3-star) and Millenium Harbourview Hotel, a 4-star, 22-storey building located at Zhenhai road.

Once again we were delighted to catch a glimpse of something distinct. Plethoras of people flocked together round the Christmas tree. So, we decided to look closely, albeit somewhat a little baffled as to what was happening there. Whoa. A number of people were writing there wishes on a piece of paper while others were busy hanging it onto the tree's branches. We never bothered to ask them, but since it was Christmas, I assumed they were wishing for abundance in the coming year or making a note of thanksgiving perhaps.

I have heard about a wishing tree in Hong Kong, which is now one of the famous tourist attractions. But a "Christmas wishing tree"? This is different. Nevertheless, it was quite fun and exciting.

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  1. Hindi cute ang Santa nila :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    I agree. I prefer a jolly and fatter Santa. That's how we've known him.


    But still, it's great to see another version of Santa.


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