We Are Back!

We've just returned back from our nine-day trip to Xiamen and Guangzhou, China. The only downside of our trip was returning home. We had to go through the excruciatingly long lines at the NAIA Immigration counter. It was already midnight and the entire area was like an oven - it was hot and jam-packed with people. :(

While going out from the airport, an officer was looking at us and I heard him say, "Uy mga Koreans". I just murmured silently to myself "Korean ka diyan. Pinoy eto." *grins*

We had also a funny situation when the lady taxi operator mistook us for Korean and Japanese. The conversation goes like this...

Lady taxi operator speaking in English: Good evening. Happy New Year Sir, Ma’am. (looking at us)
HB and I: Happy New Year.
Lady Operator (still speaking in English): How many baggage do you have?

I was smiling already.

HB in tagalog: ahh, mga anim lang. (uhm, six only)
Lady Operator: Uy, ang galing niyo na mag-tagalog. (Wow, you speak Tagalog fluently)
HB: Siyempre, Pilipino kami. (Of course, we are Filipinos)

We all laughed.

Lady Operator: Ay, hehehe… Akala ko kasi… Mukha kasi kayong Korean and Japanese. (Ay, I thought… You really look like Korean and Japanese).

Mistaken identity. :)

Anyways, I thank God we returned home safely.

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year for 2008!

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