Lemon Grass Restaurant

Lemon Grass serves the best and exciting mix of Vietnamese and Thai style food. The interiors are nice, simple yet classy. The pastel quality of green color has a cool, relaxing and calming effect. The striking waitresses look elegant in their Vietnamese attire, which reminds me of the women in Saigon when we visited in 2004.

Everything we had was really quite good. They were all very tasty and well presented. The delicious grilled meat was subtly flavored while the other entree had a real spicy kick.

(steamed rice uniquely wrapped in banana leaves)
(grilled meat)
(the entree w/ spicy flavor)

We wanted to try their famed healthy Citrus and Herb Fresh Lemonade Juice but I knew we can't finish the huge pitcher of juice ourserselves. So, hubby and I quenched our thirst for another healthful beverages - iced tea and fresh fruit shake. It was a very satisfying meal that only cost us Php 644.00.

(Citrus and Herb Fresh Lemonade Juice)
(iced tea and fresh fruit shake)

This restaurant is definitely worth a visit for good food, cheery ambiance, plus Thai and Vietnamese food has to be among the healthiest on the planet.

Address: Lemon Grass
Ayala Food and Entertainment Center
Ayala Center, Cebu City, Philippines
Tel. (63-32) 233-8601

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  1. hi, i find this blog interesting as i am also planning to visit lemon grass anytime soon. with regards to their food, are the ones on the list particular to our tastes? what is your recommended food? thank you =)

  2. I believe taste is subjective and unique to each individual, so I can’t really make any recommendations when it comes to food. But based on my personal opinion, I liked the grilled meat (I forgot the exact name of this viand). It was delicious.

    Sorry if you find this not helpful at all. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy and have an amazing time when you visit this place. :)


  3. Lemon Grass is one of my favorite restaurant in Cebu.

    My favorites are their spare ribs, beef curry, and of course their Citrus & Herb drink.


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