Crown Regency Hotel in V. Rama (formerly Metropolis Court Hotel)

I don't want to sound offensive, but this was the worst hotel that I have stayed so far. I'm not really a persnickety person and I'm not too much into a flashy accommodation, just a CLEAN room with working facilities, comfy bed and pillows are just fine with me.

Though the location of Crown Regency Hotel in V. Rama (formerly Metropolis Court Hotel) is good and the room is wide, the hotel is a bit old and it really needs MAINTENANCE and GENERAL CLEANING.

(Front Desk and Reception Area)
(nice Lobby but small )
(Standard Room)
(Toilet and Bath)

The real nuisance was we had to change our rooms many times. First, the air-condition was super dusty with no handles and the watercloset was overflowing. After calling several times, they sent someone in to fix it but it was to no avail. Second, the hot and cold shower kept malfunctioning, and for the third time we moved again to another room. I thought we were going to be fine until I noticed the shower room had a big hole in the ceiling. Here we go again, I thought. Plus all the windows are so high that you had to use a chair to take a peek. Even though we really wanted to check-out immediately, it was already midnight. We had no choice but to stay there and bear with it.

(the dusty air-condition with no handles)
(the hole in the ceiling)

The next day we left the hotel after we had our decent breakfast.

(Set Breakfast Meal)

(2 small slices of Pineapple - dessert)
All the inconvenience we had to go through was really a HASSLE stay.

Crown Regency Hotel (Formerly METROPOLIS COURT HOTEL)
V. Rama Ave., Guadalupe, Cebu City
Tel. Number : (63-32) 255-7541 to 48
Fax Number : (63-32) 231-5060

Overnight accommodation

Set breakfast for two (2) persons

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  1. Rats, I just booked a room there for the festival as it was the last hotel with any rooms left in town... now perhaps we know why!

  2. Hi jvm, I just hope you didn’t book the standard room. Well, unless they have already renovated some of these rooms. Goodluck! Enjoy your trip.


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