November 16, 2007

We arrived on time at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which is located in the eastern part of Pudong district. It is about 30 kilometers from downtown Shanghai, and occupies an area of about 32 square kilometers. It is a major international getaway into China, and it is curfew free and operates 24 hours a day depending whether its passengers or logistics.

Then we waited a few minutes for our bags to arrive which was brought by our shuttle service.

The gigantic airport is very modern. At a glance, the design of the high ceiling was striking and magnificent. However, the airport terminal was crammed full of passengers and their luggages.

The terminal building is compose of two parts - main building and long terminal concourse, both 3-storey structured, and connected by two passages. The building covers an area about 280,000 m2, with thirteen conveying luggage belts and twenty-eight boarding bridges; the area of food and drinks facilities and other leasing service facilities reaches 60,000 m2.

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