Mini Cakes from Breadtalk

For a week I craved this rich, moist, sweet, soft and delicious foodstuff - CAKE. Hubby satisfied my cravings when he brought me several of these mini-cakes from Bread Talk. Hmmm, this is one of the reason why I can't seem to slim down. (sigh) And here are the pictures of the sinfully scrumptious, toothsome, delectable tiny culprits that are haunting my weight and waistline! :) You be the Judge!

(Original Black Forest Mini Cake P68.00 - My fave!)

(Green Tea Garden Mini Cake P68.00)

(Absolutely Mocha P60.00)
(Chocolate Cake P60.00)
(Fruit Forest P60.00)
(Coffee Cheesecake P72.00)
(Japanese Light Cheese Cake P298.00 - My fave!)

* Prices are vat inclusive

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