After lunch, our tour guide brought us to Nanjing Road. We were given time to mosey around the shopper's paradise known as the "Oriental Paris". This extensive commercial shopping district has loads of modern shopping malls, specialty stores, theaters and international hotels lining up the streets. In the early century Nanjing Road in Shanghai was the first commercial road.



This place is often jam-packed of locals and foreign visitors because of comparatively reasonable prices and good bargains for the wide selection of items.


I really don't enjoy shopping for clothes when I'm out of the country. But when HB and I caught sight of a chic boutique named Meters/Bonwe (the largest casual wear retail brand in China), I had a wonderful time and enjoyed my shopping spree. We had shopping bags full of amazing stuff like t-shirts, blouses and body bags. Being the cheapskate that I am, I was super elated that they were on sale. When we went back to the bus, some of our tour mates were impressed and envious of all our purchases. They wished that they too had been there. Lucky us! :)

my best buy in Meters/Bonwe bought at 60% off RMB25

If you're tired of walking, you can also enjoy a quick and comfortable tour ride on a tramcar .

one of the Auto Banking Machines stationed along Nanjing Road
Public restrooms are found generally in the department stores and restaurants. But if you want a more hygienic one look for big hotels and new shopping malls.

Strikingly Unfamiliar:
We were strolling down the alley when suddenly I felt the call of nature. So I looked for a restroom in a busy regular shopping mall. As I walked in, my attention moved to the slightly open doors and I thought those were all vacant. I made a dash to the UNLOCKED doors one by one but to my surprise it was all occupied.

What was shocking and strange thing to me - these women were seated in a rear-facing position on squat toilets. Obviously I saw their BARE BUTTS on display! Eeew!!! :=)) I couldn't believe what I just saw. I found myself almost tongue tied.

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