We had a wonderful dinner first at this restaurant that served great Shanghainese food before we proceeded to Shanghai Center Theatre.

Shanghai Centre offers everything under one roof with a variety of venues - the auditorium, a stunning four-storey open space Atrium, the beautiful garden terrace and the five-star The Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Then we hurried off directly to Shanghai Center Theatre, a luxurious, modern and well-equipped 1,000 seat auditorium. We waited outside the huge lobby while waiting for our tour guide to comeback for our tickets.

A few minutes later, we went inside and we seated left side row and pretty near to the stage. Before the show started we were told that taking any photos with flash were not allowed.

Some of the acrobatic acts were the plate spinning, balancing glasses, juggling, cycling, tumbling, clowns and magic. Plus the vibrant music and fantastic special effects made the show more incredible.

stolen shots :)

And these two aerialists really grabbed my attention. I would say they are extremely, outrageously talented. The beauty, grace and strength in one incredible act of Acrobatic artistic ability were breathtaking and amazing. Plus the romantic story heightened the dramatic effect. For me, these two really made the show unforgettable. I was practically awestruck!

the two aerialists

There was also another scene showing a unique blend of skills and comedy. The magician and his assistant revealed us their precious little comic relief through the knife "throwing technique". The two entertainers were super hilarious. And later on, they asked for a volunteer from the audience. After a few minutes of searching, a Caucasian guy was chosen to be their "knife target". Of course the audience was anticipating what would happen next. It's really hard to tell you in details what happened. hahaha... But it was all an illusory and deceptive trick. Everything was all for entertainment and fun. It had me practically rolling on the floor in laughter. Man, I wont forget this.

Overall, the crowd was responsive to the performers during the show. It was really great. I super loved it. Highly recommended. Shows are held most nights at 7:30pm with some seasonal variation.

Shanghai Center Theatre
No. 1376 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai, China
Tel (+86 21) 6279 8663 (Ticket Puchase or Information on Performances)

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