Stolen Life (2005)
Starring: Xun Zhou, Ming Cai ...
Director: Shaohong Li
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin with English Subtitle

My Rating: 3.5 / 5 - Over a million teenage girls get pregnant every year and ends up with a broken dream and a broken heart. The storyline is simple but the message contains lessons on life that needs to be told. An important wake-up call for young people to resist temptations (sexual desire) and avoid early marriages. I recommend this movie especially for highschoolers and teenagers to watch this film. I hope the story will help enlighten them.

Yanni, a young woman raised by emotionally distant relatives in Beijing unexpectedly gets accepted to college. Filled with aspirations and visions of independence, she promptly packs her suitcase to move to the dorms. As she heads to the univerisity, she crashes into a new life of love, deception, and adult choices. Filmmaker Li Shaohong follows Yanni into Beijing’s gritty underworld, chronicling Yanni’s determination to confront her treacherous love and her ultimate goal to survive.

*Stolen Life was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival where Robert De Niro presented filmmaker Li Shaohong with the Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature.

*Stolen Life is part of the Global Film Initiative’s Global Lens series, which includes eight feature films and a collection of five short films from developing-world countries.

*Stolen Life was selected by an advisory committee consisting of high school educators, a high school student, and representatives from UW-Madison's Language Institute and Arts

(source: Language Institute)

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