Corregidor Island: Paying Homage

The morning weather was an ongoing battle between the sun and the storm. The wind started to rise but we still had a leisurely breakfast in the restaurant. Suddenly a receptionist came and told us that our trip going back to Manila was canceled because of the tropical storm that hit the place. We had no choice but to stay another one night.

After breakfast, a lady from the tour group asked if we wanted to go with them for a more detailed tour around the island. Without hesitation, we all said yes.

Good thing the weather was on and off, so we were able to drop by some of the sights. It is said that the South Dock was formerly a U.S. Navy wharf. Currently, it is used by yachts, ferry boats and vessels of the Philippine Navy. The South Dock offers a convenient alternative for landing on days when strong winds make it difficult for vessels to dock at North side.

We paid a visit to San Jose Chapel. It was reconstructed at its former location and based on its original architectural and structural design. During the pre-war days, religious services were conducted in this chapel for the military personnel in the garrison as well as for their families.

There is also an Aviary and Theme Park, a 3,000 square meter complex managed by Feathered Friends Foundation which houses local and foreign varieties of birds.

Throughout the night, we started getting a heavy blast of wind and rain. We decided to stay around the hotel and finally the sound of the thunder and overwhelming downpour seemed to drift before us that we fall into a deep slumber.

The next morning, one of the staff told us that Suncruises ferry boat was coming and we had to get ready for the early departure. Afterward, we had an early lunch at 11:00 am and we settled all our accounts. Good thing, our extra night at the hotel was free and they gave us a 50% off from the normal rate of all the food.

Visiting Corregidor Island is like reminiscing and paying homage to the spirits of our Filipino ancestors who fought in the war. It allows us to imbibe knowledge of the rich history of the past as well as the grim reality of war.

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