Yunessan Spa: Noodle Bath

Have you heard the Yunessan Spa in Japan? It's a Natural Hot Spring Spa Resort and water amusement park in Hakone National Park which is a most popular and famous Onsen (Hot Springs) area in Japan.

They specializes in amusement baths such as Coffee Spa,

Wine Spa

Green Tea Spa

and the new dish added - the Noodle Bath.

Ooops... don't freak out. For sanitary purpose, they don't use the edible noodles, but instead they've turned their spa treatment products into the shape of noodles and put them in the pork broth supplied by a nearby noodle shop.

Spa officials say that taking a dip in the noodle bath is good for the health as its ingredients help improve the bather's metabolism and also helps cleansing the skin.

This may sound outrageous and unconventional but I think it's cool and sounds like a lot of fun. Want to take a bath?

(photo source: izu-sakuraya)

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