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Starring: Graham Bell and John Corbett
Director: Pang Brothers
Genre: Horror
My Rating: 2.5 / 5 - A typical Japanese horror done in Western setting. It reminds me of the movie Ju-on.

The Story with Spoiler:

At the movie's beginning, a frightened woman is with her son, telling him that he has to be strong and that everything is going to be okay. She hears something coming towards the door and makes her son hide under the bed. The door bursts open and something throws the woman against the wall. The son, terrified, runs out of the room and into his sister, who is also scared. She grabs him and runs down the stairs. The boy hides under a table, but his sister is caught and dragged away, down into the cellar. The boy runs into the kitchen and hides in a cabinet, but he is soon found and killed as well.

Five years later, a new family is moving into the house from the city, hoping to start a sunflower farm. The main character Jess Solomon (Kristen Stewart) is angry about having to move away from her friends. She once got into a car accident with her toddler brother because she was drunk, and he became a mute. Her brother, Ben, sees things the others cannot see...the past owners of the house. Jess' father, Roy, hires a man named John Burwell to work on his sunflower farm for him. The house always seems to have crows flying around it; some crows even attack Roy. Jess has an encounter with one of the ghosts, the mother, in the closet. She calls 911 and the authorities come, only to find a terrified Jess. They dismiss it as a false alarm. Jess' parents do not believe her either. While Ben has seen what happened, being very young and mute he cannot confirm what happened. Only Burwell supports her, and teenage boy Bobby from town she befriends.

She later finds out more details about the Rollins family that lived in the house and suddenly left, and sees a picture of them, with John in it. As it turns out, the man who killed the past owners of the house in a fit of madness is actually John, who was the head of the Rollins family. Jess takes Bobby to the house to check the cellar together.

Meanwhile John is attacked by crows representing the killed family's avengers. He turns insane and attacks Jess, her family, and Bobby. John calls Jess' mother, Denise, "Mary" and Ben "Michael," finally attacking Jess and Roy. John is absorbed into the cellar floor as the spirits grab him and pull him in.

There is a happy ending with Ben speaking again, and Bobby working on the farm.

(story source: wikipedia)

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