Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia

After our Putrajaya half-day tour, we proceeded to Melaka and had our lunch there. Hb and I got so lucky that we ended up with this tour for FREE (the rest of the group paid for this tour). Yup, yup, yup, you read it right folks. Well, it's a long story. I can't tell all the details but our tour guide had a valid reason for doing it. In fairness, he did a wonderful job and we are delighted by his friendly and caring attitude. A very nice young man indeed!

Approximately 2 hours south of Kuala Lumpur is historical Malacca, the oldest trading port in Malaysia which has undergone Portuguese, Dutch and English rule. It covers an area of 1,638 sq. meters and is divided into three regions namely Alor Gajah, Central Malacca and Jasin.

Melaka is a place of intriguing Chinese street, antique shops, old temples and reminders of European colonial powers.

here I am... sitting quietly at the street corner of Melaka

The historical melting-pot of cultures and races - Malay, Chinese, Chitty's, the Baba, and Nyonya and the Portuguese, has very much influenced the cultural designs of homes and buildings in Melaka City.

Melaka was previously known as Malacca. The government has set the standard as "Melaka" for all official use.

The Proclamation of Independence Memorial building once housed the famous Malacca Club, a mainstay of colonialism, and this place is easily recognizable due to its astonishing architectural style with its unique Mogul designed domes.

It houses exhibits of the countries struggle leading to Independence. This tourist attraction is a popular place for school children to visit during the school excursion. Free admission. Closed on Monday.

A Famosa (The Famous) is the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia.

It was formerly a mighty fortress known as Porta de Santiago, but mere remnants of its splendor have survived down through the years.

The best way to enjoy Malacca in a slow and laid back manner is the trishaw (ornately decorated 3-wheeled vehicle) ride.

It will take you through the streets and corners of Malacca. The trishaw can be rented on hourly or distance covered basis.

We visited Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (sorry no pics). The oldest Chinese temple in the country. Fine workmanship is evident in the ornately decorated and mythological figures, carvings, and lacquer work inside the temple.

Overall, our tour wasn't really that exciting as I expected it to be. But there was one thing I liked - when our tour guide brought us to this big grocery store named Tan Kim Hock. (photo source from imstress)

The store offers a wide array and full selection of local delicacies, candies, sauces, chips and a lot more. As I entered, my eyes were feasting and I eagerly roamed around the store. I probably look like a child in search of some of my favorite candies. After an hour of shopping, we came out with bags stuffed with goodies.

I guess there are many other shopping spots and complexes around Malacca that offers a bit of local flavor and foreign cliche. We only had a half-day city tour here, a very limited time to explore the place.

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  1. did you try the chicken rice balls? they are delicious ;)

    melaka is also famous for some of its peranakan cusine (known for its hot, sweet and spicy food).


  2. Chicken Rice balls: It's getting smaller now.

    Nyonya food: Too commercialised that the original taste is gone. Making the food "halal" (no pork) just makes it worse. But to first time Nyonya diners, try the "ayam masak buah keluak" :)

    Nothing to see it Melaka? Hmm... well, different travellers have different expectations. It sometimes depends on the tour guide's experience too.

  3. Hi Kev,
    Welcome and thanks for dropping by here. :)

    I agree different travelers have different expectations. But I just want to CLARIFY what you've just posted. I didn't write anything that says, "NOTHING TO SEE in Melaka". What I've written was "I DIDN'T ENJOY THE TOUR". There's a big difference between the two. And my last paragraph says it all. ;)

    Hi eunice,
    With the limited time, I wasn't able to know the names of the dishes that we had. Too bad, I'm not also fond of hot and spicy food. :(


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