Xiang Li Restaurant

Xiang Li is a Chinese fusion restaurant, serves a selection of Cantonese and Schechuan favorites. Menu choices include appetizers, peking ducks and roasted pork, dim sums, soups, chicken, fish, vegetables and tofu, seafoods, fried rice, hot pot and noodles. Serving can be good for 2 or for a group of 10. Choices for ala carte, lauriat/set menu, combo meals and buffet are offered. Xiang Li is open daily for lunch (11 am to 2 pm) and dinner (6 to 10 pm).

Xiang Li is located at the right side of the resort after the bridge. The interior is adorned with chinese decors. The garden around the restaurant has been planted with tall Chinese bamboo, dwarf Chinese tea plants, reeds, horsetails and other oriental plants that complement the restaurants interior. Artificial ponds have been constructed for gold fishes and carps.

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