After our city tour we proceeded to Genting Highlands, the most visited hill resort, theme park, theater and numerous recreational and amusement facilities in the country. Just about an hour away by car from Kuala Lumpur.

The resort is more than 35 years old, although the area is constantly being developed and its attractions ever increasing. Genting Highlands is a good place to get away for cool air, a very green setting and a chance to have fun with family and friends.

The place is also home to the largest casino in the region, and this is the only place where gamblers can congregate in the country. Malaysian Muslims are not allowed to enter.

We enjoyed a hassle-free ride on the Genting Skyway up to Genting - City of Entertainment for a 20-minute ride. Moving at a maximum speed of 21.6 km. per hour. It was a relaxing and fun experience that sharpens our senses.

We had a fantastic view of the breathtaking scenery and animatronics (sculptured animals) along the way.

The fog was so thick that we had a 50-50 visibility near the Genting Highland cable car station. The cool mountain air and the scenic surrounding was the best!

We arrived at First World Hotel, the current largest hotel in the world with a total of 6, 118 rooms. This hotel is the latest addition to five other hotels in Genting. This is also the first hotel in Malaysia to introduce computerized queue system to expedite check-ins.

Once we entered the main lobby, I was amazed by the tastefully decorated surroundings especially the rain forest theme. (my crappy photo doesn't really do justice to the elegant place)

there's also a display of the miniature size of Genting Highland

The huge hotel lobby was chock-full and the long check-in counter was packed solid with people queuing.

I'm so glad our tour guide arranged everything for our one night stay in the hotel. The hotel room is extremely small and keep in mind the bathroom door is made of semi-translucent glass.

hotel standard room

After we checked in our luggage, our tour guide brought us to a restaurant for a quick lunch.

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