Tacloban offers a variety of cuisine from Native, Chinese and Italian specialties. Seafoods such as fresh fish, shrimps and crabs are readily available.

Ocho Seafood and Grill, Giuseppes Restaurant - Italian and Filipino Cuisine, Gloria Jean's Coffees, Bo's Coffee Club, Chowking, Cindy's, Dunkin Donuts, Greenwich, Jollibee, McDonald, Ritz Tower de Leyte, Shakey's and a lot more.

A visit to Tacloban is not complete without trying the most popular native delicacies and "pasalubong" (take-home) like the Binagol. It is made from grounded "gabi" (taro) with filling of sweetened sauce and some peanuts, and placed in half a coconut shell, then wrapped in banana leaves and secured with a white string.

, made from grounded "malagkit" rice soaked in coconut milk flavored with sugar and high grade chocolates creatively rolled with stripes and wrapped in banana leaves securely tied with both ends.

and Suman Latik, made of sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf with 'latik' (a sweet sauce from a boiled coconut milk that is formed and browned).

These are available shops along Zamora, Rizal and Justice Romualdez Streets.

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