Cho Ben Thanh Market & Cyclo

Cho Ben Thanh Market is a large covered market located at the center of the city. It is loaded with varieties of goods such as clothes, food, plants, jewelries and toys but few are worth buying. We just bought some Saigon labeled shirts, hats and coffees for 'pasalubong' (present). Vietnam is one of the best places to buy coffee and coffee filters. Prices of goods in the market are way too high so learn how to bargain.


Here we are riding a CYCLO, a human powered 3-wheeled pedicab for hire, with our driver at the back making a thumb up. :)

We tried the cyclo ride when we went to Delta Adventure, a travel agency in Saigon that handles organizing trips around Vietnam. It cost us a dollar. The driver doesn't speak English. We just told him where we wanted to go and after we spent some time haggling out a price with a mix of sign language, we climbed in and headed of. Traffic can be pretty scary but we were able to see much of the city in such a short time and experience the busy street of Saigon. It was fun!

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