Sohoton Natural Bridge & National Park

Basay is rich with historic past and beautiful spots, such as the renowned Sohoton Natural Bridge and National Park . It is a 8km² karst area with Caves, a subterranean river, waterfall, unique limestone formations and a picnic grove. Traces of early habitation date back to the Stone Age which were believed to have been used as burial sites. The caves were also used as a hideout of Filipino insurrectos during the Spanish-American War.

There is a magnificent bridge over the Sohoton River. The handrails are made of steel and the floors are made of wood. This bridge is the jewel in the crown of the Sohoton's park.

the surrounding scenery

It was established as a national park on July 19, 1935 by virtue of Proclamation No. 831 primarily to preserve its geological features and natural wonders. It is one of the popular destinations now in Region 8.

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  1. great blog, nice pictures. Looking forward to visiting ourselves.

  2. Thanks B for the nice remark. I hope you'll enjoy when you visit there.


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