III: BKK - Patpong

PATPONG is the notorious Red Light District in Bangkok. Patpong is located between Silom Road and Surawong Road. The place are host to over one hundred neon-lit bars, sex and gays. I saw a lot of foreigners who preferred to drink beers and chat with bar girls. It is said that there are also expensive bars that caters only for Japanese men.

There is actually a night market here, a long alley in between those bars and pubs. The night market springs up after dusk, selling all kinds of things.

Sauntering down the street of Patpong, we happened to see a group of dancers inside the bar wearing only a thong (a garment for the lower body that exposes the buttocks). I was shocked at first. It was my first time to see those bar dancers in flesh. I just see them on TV and movies. hehehe... I'm just not sure if they're real women or "katoy" (that's what they call to transvestite / transsexual in Thai) .

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