A Chocomillion Gift

Holy moly! Did you know that there's a gift of chocolates worth millions of dollars? Yes! I have read it from this year Robb Report "21 Ultimate Gifts" special issue for the month of December. Robb Report is a monthly lifestyle magazine for the affluent.

The Chocolates is just one of the "21 Ultimate Gifts" featured in the magazine for the holidays. If you're one of the rich and famous and a chocolate lover, this is for you!

A shipment of $200 (P 9,900) worth of Michel Cluizel chocolate, selected by you from the company's range of offerings, every week for the rest of your life.

A chocolate room for your home designed by Richard Perl, Cluizel's CEO and sommelier of chocolate, and a tutorial from Perl on how to better appreciate fine chocolate.

A private tour of the Cluizel factory in Damville, France, with Michel Cluizel himself as your guide.

Four original chocolate desserts created exclusively for you by Cluizel chef Belinda Ber and then sent to your home.

For those who purchase this gift can choose the contents of each weekly delivery from among Cluizel'd bonbons, bars, tasting boxes, and such novelties as prescription cocoa nibs: roasted cacao beans that have been crushed, covered in dark chocolate, and packaged in orange pharmacy pill bottles. Also, you redirect the deliveries as you wish. You can arrange a monthly schedule in which you receive the first shipment, then the second delivery to your parents, next to your brothers and sisters or to any of your friends.


My reaction was ... W H A T??? 4 MILLION DOLLARS for a chocolate?!? Are you kidding? That's 198 MILLION in Philippine Peso already. My God! With that worth of money, I can already buy a big house and lot in Ayala Alabang, acquire the latest Mercedes Benz model, have a dozen of house helpers, travel the whole world and live a very comfortable life...

But of course, since this is a magazine for the affluent, $4 Million is just equivalent of a penny to them. Phew!!!

I have a sweet tooth and a chocolate lover! But since I can't afford that GIFT, I'll drool just thinking about it. I wish I have billions of dollars. hahaha... Dream on girl!

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  1. Extremely Extravagant! I wish I'm a millionaire. :)


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