Bohol Part VII: Aproniana Gift Shop

This is the APRONIANA GIFT SHOP, one of the souvenir shops in Taguihon Baclayon, Bohol. This was included in the day tour package.

facade of the shop

My friends bought some delicacies like "calamay" and other "pasalubong" (bring home food), while I bought several boxes of Peanut Kisses for P23.50 per box (100g). Unfortunately, I just found out that I can buy this cheaper in other stores like BQ Mall and SM Supermarkets.

Peanut Kisses is one of the famous delicacy in Bohol. It is a unique delicacy from the land of Chocolate Hills - made from peanuts, roasted and processed, with all natural ingredients, that comes out crunchy and low cholesterol. It's a cone shaped like, golden brown that is crunchy blend of peanuts, cane sugar and egg whites. It is served basically as a regular snack food or dessert. It could reach a shelf life of 18 months. Once opened, refrigeration is recommended to maintain its crunchiness. Peanut Kisses are currently packed in 3 sizes (100g; 200g and 20g.). The 100g and 200g sizes are packed in an inner package made of plain metalized foil. It's outer package is made of a UV laminated printed cardboard.

While the 7's or 20g. are packed in a printed metalized foil with a customized plastic tray found inside the wrapper.

Aside from delicacies, there are also souvenir and novelty items for sale such as toy tarsier, cellphone holder, home decor and key chain.

Souvenir shop is located on the ground floor and the food delicacies is on the second floor of the building.

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