Supersize - Oversize

Whew! Everything is now going big ... from Super size food to the Oversize fashion statement.

For super size food, majority of the restaurants and fast foods today are now making meals for more than two to three times larger than the normal recommended serving sizes.

And for Oversize fashion statement, I'm talking about these fabulous, trendy, city-chic Oversize Bags and the classic a la Jackie O. style Oversize Sunglasses that are now pumping up its fashion appeal.

Even some Hollywood and trend setting celebrity has jumped on the oversize-craze like:

Lindsay Lohan

Nicole Richie

Jessica Biel

Paris Hilton

Paris with her sister Nicky (holding a Balenciaga bag), both wearing an oversize sunglasses

Beyonce Knowles

Jessica Simpson

Oversize sunglasses

So, for anyone looking for style, remember ... the BIGGER - the BETTER.


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