PART XI: Badaling Hotel / Clothing Market / Songhe Hotel

DAY 4: August 25 (PM)

After our Great Wall adventure, we stopped at Ba Da Ling Hotel to have lunch.

We were led into a spacious hall with a roomful of big tables.

The buffet food station was set up in one long counter. We had to serve ourselves since it was a buffet. A one round beverage was provided at our table.

After our sumptuous meal, we went down on the ground floor of the hotel and I saw these statues that are similar to terracotta warriors.

several kinds of Chinese dolls for sale

There are several stores in front of Ba Da Ling Hotel.

Then our group went to Sanlitun Yashow Clothing Market, a tourist shopping area. Prices were too high. You have to use your bargain technique ''coz the items are 5x higher than the original price.

Nothing really took my fancy. I was also comparing the prices from Divisoria in Manila, which is way cheaper. But this denim jacket caught my attention so I bought it.

I like the jacket contrast stitching and the sequined hand-embroidered design on upper back. The lady was selling it for 350 yuan but we haggled over the price. Luckily we settled on 100 yuan.

Then we had our buffet dinner at Songhe Hotel, adjacent to busy Wangfujing shopping district.

Something Happened:
The food was fine but not particularly memorable. Something happened, I got pissed off that night. The most infuriating was the fact that it was just a trivial matter. (Reason: because of the table). She could have asked me in a friendly manner. Dang! She's an old woman (old enough to be my mother) who sounds like a RAVING LUNATIC that night, VERY RUDE, and UNEDUCATED. She think she's from a fu*#*ng noble hierarchy and so fu*#*ing important as if she owns the whole world. (Pardon my vulgarity).

I was really completely taken aback. I was innocent and clueless. God knows, it was very tough for me to hold my temper in that situation. I was brought up by my parents to respect older people, so I didn't say anything. What a day! I started my morning with a feeling of euphoria but ended the day off on the wrong foot. tsk, tsk...

True enough, God really helps those who are meek. I heard a good news from hb about the grumpy old woman. (I don't wanna elaborate it.) But despite the fact of what happened, I still like her younger sister. She seems nice and well mannered. Anyway, I've always thought it's best not to dwell on grievances too long. Life is beautiful.

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