The Amazing Race Asia

I've been waiting for this one to air ... The Amazing Race Asia will premier tonight (Nov.9) at 9:00 pm (Manila, Phils/ Singapore/Malaysia and Bangkok), 10 pm (HK), 8pm (Jakarta), 6:30pm (SL) and 11pm (India) exclusively on AXN.

I hope the race will be very interesting and exciting for the ten-pair competitors as well as the television viewers.

Here are the team mates:

Team 1: Brothers from Jakarta, Indonesia
From Left - Marsio Juwono (34, photographer) and Mardy Juwono (36, general civil contractor)

Team 2: Dating from Hong Kong
From Left - Francesca von Etzdorf (27, model) and Sandy Sydney (29, personal trainer)

Team 3: Best Friends from Manila, Philippines
From Left - Aubrey Sandel (26, actress) and Jacqueline Yu (23,model)

Team 4: Dating from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
From Left - Andrew Tan (26, managing director) and Syeon Park (28, business development manager)

Team 5: Models from Mumbai, India
From Left - Prashant Raj Sachdev (26, model) and Sahil Shroff (26, model)

Team 6: Co-workers from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From Left - Zabrina Fernandez (26, tv producer) and Joe Jer Tee (29, tv producer)

(Updated) The WINNER of Amazing Race Asia.

Team 7: Best Friends from Colombo Sri Lanka
From Left - Howard Bicknell (39, area manager for a british operator) and Sahran Abeysundara (31, interior designer and events manager)

Team 8: Best Frienda from Singapore
From Left - Melody Chen (28, in entertainment industry) and Sharon Wong (31, headhunter)

Team 9: Married from Manila, Philippines
From Left - Ernesto Lopez (42, businessman) and Jill Lopez (35, homemaker)

Team 10: Engaged from Koh Samui, Thailand
From Left - Laura Kluk (37, entrepreneur) and Andy Lawson (28, entrepreneur)

Allan Wu, a Singapore based personality will be the host of AXN's Amazing Race Edition. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California-Berkley, the American born Chinese artiste has also received training at various renowned institutions in San Francisco, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He's fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Allan was once a competitor of US Reality TV Series FEAR FACTOR.

I hope you guys can watch it too. I wish the best of luck for the two Filipino teams. (Update: Arrrgh... they weren't lucky at all)

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