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Wangfujing street has two major shopping malls, one of which is Sun Dong An Plaza. Six levels and a basement housing a Starbucks make up this complex. On level five there are plenty of small snack options, on level six there are Chinese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants, and on level three there is a pizza hut. But while we were there, Sun Dong An Plaza was proceeding an extensive renovation work phase by phase.

The other one is The Malls at Oriental Plaza, near Wangfujing Bookstore. This giant (only 2 levels but very long) shopping center is next to Wangfujing Street. Occupying a total area of 120,000 sq.m. are an integral part of Oriental Plaza spacing - one of the largest commercial complexes in Asia.

Prices here are a little bit expensive but provide you with a lot of buying opportunities.

A huge globe shape of Calvin Klein Jeans that we saw inside the mall:

For our dinner, we found a nice fast food located at the lower ground level of the mall by chance. It's called Megabite, it has a great variety of delicious food.

There are not only excellent Chinese dishes and snacks from different regions, but also from Asian and Western countries.

We had a hard time choosing what to eat. All the signs are in Chinese. But I finally settled on Beef with lots of beans, tomatoes & bell pepper around RMB 17 (P119.00) with soup. Oh my... so super delicious.

Gosh! I can't believe the food servings are huge (i guess around 2 to 3 persons can finish this).

Hb ordered a bowl of pull noodles roughly RMB 14 (P98.00)

We really love to savor and finish the food, but unfortunately we were too full. We had bulging tummies already. I felt we became gluttons and it made me sad to see the unfinished food...

Personally, I LOVE the FOOD in China due to its variety of cuisine, deliciously scrumptious and modest price.

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