Crock Hunter Passed Away Fairly Young

Yesterday, when my hubby and I were having our dinner, he told me that Steve Irwin died. And my reaction was "Who is he?" and he told me "You know the guy who's always wearing a khaki short." And I replied, "Uhm, I don't know him." And my hubby insisted, "Oh you know him. Maybe you just don't remember now." and I just said "Ah ok."

Oh my gosh! Now I remember, I used to watch this khaki-clad Australian guy in Animal Planet. I knew him as the exuberant and enthusiastic guy with his wildlife documentary adventures.

I can’t imagine that stingray killed him. He's a veteran. He wrestled alligators and other wild animal creatures all his life. Why did it happened? tsk…tsk... He was only 44. Too young to die.

According to, stingray attacks are typically defensive and rarely fatal-unless a barb, a jagged part of the stingray's stinger along its spine, punctures a person's stomach or heart. He apparently suffered-a shot to the heart. The accident happened at the time when he was filming a new TV special titled "Ocean's Deadliest". CPR was administered to Irwin at the scene. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

His thousands of fans and the whole world will surely miss him. May he rest in peace.

(credit: yahoo & elasmodiver photos)

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