The Manny Pacquiao Fever Continues to Heat Up

I'm not particulary fond of boxing but I'm looking forward to it every time Manny P. has a fight. He made millions of Filipinos truly proud. His swiftness and southpaw style proved his boxing prowess that led him to victory.

And there's a rumor that he's planning to enter politics. If this is true, I just hope he won't pursue his political goal. Let's just leave it to those people who are more capable and competent to make our country A BETTER PLACE. It doesn't mean I don't like Manny. It's just that , I don't think it fits him. He should be a businessman instead. Just my two cents worth.

And Pacman still continues to heat up with his too many TV Commercials and Print Ads. Not only that, but also in e-mail messages. Can you believe that? Here are some pictures that were sent to me. it's so funny.

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