A Love to Kill

這該死的愛 A Love to Kill, theme song

Rain - as Bok Ku
Shin Min Ah - as Cha Eun suk

Rain plays Bok Ku, an orphan who has sworn to spend the rest of his life with his childhood friend Han Da Jung (Kim Sa Rang), to repay her for saving his life many years previously. However, much against his will Bok Ku falls in love with his own brother's ex-girlfriend. Her name is Cha Eun Suk (Shin Min Ah) and is a famous actress. Bok Ku secretly blames her for his brother's accident that has now left him in a coma. He wrongly believes that she betrayed him and swears revenge. Bok Ku gets a job working as her bodyguard so that he can be close by, and inadvertently falls for her.

Eun Suk, however is stuck in an engagement against her will. Kim Jun Sung (Lee Ki Woo), heir to a huge family conglomerate - The Hankuk Group - is caught with Eun Suk, and so to avoid a scandal that could damage his family and his company, the couple is force to get engaged.

Do you like a bittersweet / tragic ending? Well, that’s not my cup of tea. But I still watched this drama because of Rain/Bi. He's cute especially when he smiles, nawawala yung mata hehehe….

In the beginning I was completely immersed in the story, but then again on the second half, my excitement faded.

I remember my niece Ailah asked me "Tita papatayin ba niya yung babae? Hmmm... nope, he he didn't. Even though he promised his older brother that he will seek revenge for him, bok ku knew deep down that he was falling for her.

And I can’t fully understand why they can’t be together. There was a scene when his older brother whispered his final message to bok-ku.. before he passed away. Telling him to take care, protect and love Eun-suk more. I knew that bok ku's brother was everything to him. But he gave already his blessings. Why do they have to make themselves suffer? Why make things complicated? When it's not. haaay...

To make the story short, they finally met and decided to completely go crazy and do the things they wanted to do just for one day. But after that, they have to go on leaving their separate lives.

They did what they had agreed. Days, weeks, months had passed... both had been busy with their lives. But then one day… Eun-suk disappeared. Worried and troubled that Eun-suk was gone, Bok ku went to the place where they had met before and looked for her earnestly for a very long time... until he saw her unconsciously lying down in the snow. In a desperate attempt to wake her up, he gently embraced and hold her closely, rubbed her arms and body to make her warm and put his jacket to her; while apologizing profusely, hoping and praying that she'd regain consciousness.. but to no avail.

The next morning… he was still holding her in his arms in the snow. Both were unconscious and looked very pale. Until Bok ku’s hand dropped lifelessly into the ground and Eun-suk opened her eyes just for a few seconds and closed her eyes again. And... and... they rest peacefully together.

Some Scenes that caught my attention:
Scene 1:
I was shocked at first when I saw the kissing scene of Rain and Shin Mi nah. Gooosh! That was a very passionate one, as in full-on, open mouth kiss. (wooh!) I’m used to those simple smack kiss only and it is rarely shown in korean tv series. So, I’m not really sure if this will be shown on tv. But for me it was done in good taste and there's a reason behind it.

Scene 2:
I can't believe that I'm seeing the snot or nasal mucus of Rain spilling from his nose, when he was crying heavily. That was a scene in the hospital with his brother.

Rain's brother was also crying, you can see the snot running down from his nose and... Rain even manage to wiped it with his bare hands. (Uhm… sounds gross, right?)

But I salute them both by acting out the role of a character in a very natural way.

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