IL Mare & The Lake House

I didn't watch the romantic movie “The Lake House” starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, directed by Alejandro Agresti. This movie is a remake of the Korean Film "Siworae" or “Il Mare”. I watched the Korean movie two years ago in dvd.

So, I’ll just focus on the movie “Il Mare”. Il Mare is a South Korean film made in 2000, starring Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Jung-Jae. The title, Il Mare, means 'The Sea' in Italian. And is the name of the seaside house which is the setting of the story. This is a romance movie added with a time travel complexities through a mysterious mailbox that somehow bridges time. Trying desperately to connect each other by exchanging letters, the hero and the heroine gradually fall in love until they discovered that they were two years apart of time.

I like the first half of the movie because I was a bit intrigued of what’s going to happen between them. How are they supposed to meet since they’re two years apart of time? But some portion are a little bit confusing. After I watched it, I've had so many questions (???) repeatedly popping up in my mind. How did it happened? How come the man is still alive? And how come the girl doesn't know him? My point of view is -a miracle happened, an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature.

Originally the movie is slow pace, melancholic and the scenario is unrealistic. But the love between the two is sensible. In real life, the intense emotional attachment or love toward a person is really a gradual process, that needs time and understanding. The film is well-shot, nice cinematography. But, I just thought the movie wasn’t my type. Well, that’s just me. Maybe I’m just a lover of romantic comedies. I like also drama romance but it depends on the story.

The heroine of the movie Jun Ji-hyun is also the lead role of the movie My Sassy Girl, a complete contrast from her demure character to a wacky one.



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