X-MEN 3 and The Da Vinci Code

Last Sunday, we watched X-MEN: The Last Stand at SM South. The story was about the discovery of a miracle drug to treat unwanted mutations and the battle between the heroic group of X-Men and the group of mutants. I liked it and it's an eye-filling sci-fi / action/ adventure film.


Then we moved to Alabang Town Center just to watch the controversial hyped-thriller movie "The Da Vinci Code". Directed by Ron Howard, starring; Tom Hanks as Harvard professor Robert Langdon, Audrey Tatou as cryptographer Sophie Neve, and Sir Ian McKellen as Leigh Teabing. The movie was based on the popular novel by Dan Brown, that explores the legend of the Holy Grail and the role of Mary Magdalene in the history of Christianity. From a religious point of view, some critics consider it sacrilegious, and decry the many negative implications about the Catholic Church and Opus Dei. That's why it became an issue here in the Philippines. It was even rated "R-18" but in other countries it was rated PG-13 only.

The Movie:
It started when a curator was murdered inside the Louvre museum. To crack the case and arrive at the truth, Robert and Sophie must look to the works of Leonardo da Vinci. That will lead them to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society (Opus Dei) for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity.

I think the most controversial part of the movie was when Leigh Teabing told Sophie Neveu regarding the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci tha... "The figure at the right hand of Jesus is supposedly not the apostle John, but Mary Magdalene and was in fact pregnant with his child at the time of his crucifixion. And the absence of a chalice in the painting supposedly indicates that Leonardo knew that Mary Magdalene was actually the Holy Grail (the bearer of Jesus' blood)."

Let's just say, Jesus really married Mary Magdalene and they had children. My question is ... "Does it make him a lesser God or a non-worthy God?" My answer is NO.

For me, the movie is just an average Hollywood thriller. And I didn't see anything that will compromise my faith in God or make me confuse at all. And what's the hype about? The book of Dan Brown is even under the "FICTION" category.

And as what Robert Langdon said in the movie:



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