After we had our breakfast, we went directly to Basey Tourism Office just at the back of Celbalor Lodging house. We waited patiently for another thirty minutes before the staff were able to accommodate us. Our tour started at Basey pier and it kicked off at 10:00 am.

The pump-boat ride on the way to the Sohoton Cave was enjoyable. It has an extensive vegetation of trees and three picturesque barrios with some nipa houses along its banks. Children were running and waving at us as we drove past.

I've heard there is a riverside barrio called "RAWIS" that houses the still unexplored Rawis Cave, which according to the locals is even better than Sohoton.

After almost an hour of sailing, we reached the enchanting Sohoton Natural Park. The long trip went fairly smoothly.

heading to the bridge

The Sohoton Natural Bridge and National Park is one of the most extensive cave system rich of cultural findings form - Paleolithic, Neolithic and Stone Ages. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Region VIII. It also focused in Biodiversity Conservation Program.


Families and relatives were divided into three groups. After a few minutes of briefing Manong Dong, our tour guide led us the way to the cave. Before we decided to enter, he knocked three times and said a little prayer to pay respects to the 'spirit' since it is said that the place has ancient beginnings.

Our batch was the only one that brought video cameras.
The cave has neither electrical lighting nor concrete pathways. We had to rely entirely to our cave tour guide.

As we explore the cave, we have to crawl twice in a single file through a narrow passage and there's a path that you have to squeeze yourself through sideways technique.

we crawled through a small opening


The Unforgettable Organ Story:
Manong Dong asked us, "Have you seen the biggest Artificial Organ?"

Highly puzzled and curious everyone chorused, "Not yet!"

Manong Dong with a cheeky grin on his face said,
"You know what, you can't find this organ anywhere in the world. You can only see it here."
Excited, I eagerly got my digital camera ready.

Then Manong Dong yelled, "Light pleeease!!!" His assistant holding with a 'gasera' lightened the dim area.

One, two, three... buwalaaah!

We saw the grandeur of
THE BIGGEST MALE SEX ORGAN SHAPE attached to the ceiling.


We all basically went into laughing convulsions! :)))

Another interesting feature of the cave is the many shapes that look like the small projection of a mammary gland.

After nearly 30 minutes exploring the cave, we finished just in time for lunch - picnic potluck!

I love our Sohoton Adventure! Our tour guide was knowledgeable, informative and funny. Families and relatives had such a wonderful and exciting adventure.

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  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2007

    Your site is the best and most thorough one I have found about Sohoton Cave in Basay, Samar. Cool!

  2. ahhh there is this sohoton cave pala in samar. we also have suhoton cove in surigao. hehe. please see my post to take a look at it.

  3. @jude:
    Thank you. :)

    @the islander:
    Yes, I've heard that place. Same sounding-words.:)

  4. You're lucky to have seen parts of my country I haven't been to yet :) Glad to know you enjoyed your stay :)

  5. just found your blog.

    i think i'll be here most of the time. nice adventures.

  6. wow! now i wonder if you already tried the cave connection in sagada. we did it and that's coming up in my blog. sagada comes after the marinduque series.

  7. Never heard of Sohotan cave till I read your blog. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. Wonderful! Looking at the pics, i am still awed at these great stones. Interesting! Youve got great captures too. I plan now of visiting this place soon;) You were quite many, how much did this adventure cost you by the way?

    thanks to you =)

  9. Hi kaye,
    Ah yes, we were around 50. Sorry I already forgot the cost (this trip was four years ago). I hope they still offer the tour for a very reasonable price. Enjoy your adventure. :)


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